September 30, 2016

15 Cozy Products You Need For Fall

Recently, one of my old posts has been going viral: My Grown-Up Gift Card Wishlist, a post I made after Christmas basically as an excuse to online shop. And while I still can't quite figure out why it's blowing up like crazy (considering I never even pinned it...*insert blushing emoji here* Oops!), I'm gonna go ahead and assume you guys like seeing what products I pick out when I go scrolling through my favorite shopping websites. 

In case you were curious, the inspiration for this post format came from those Buzzfeed articles we all know and love. You know, the ones about 50 Products You Need From Amazon or whatever? The ones you never buy but love to ogle at anyways? Yeah, those! So, maybe their successful formula has rubbed off on me by bringing me a sudden rush of blog traffic? Who knows?!

Whatever the reason for my recent success, I love creating these shopping posts for you just as much as you love reading them. I'm not quite sure why I'm so addicted to these posts when I don't have the money or the motivation to actually go out and purchase any of these adorable items. The problem with being a college student is you have so little cash and so little time to shop that you end up blowing all your paychecks on buying microwave dinners at Target (hi, my name is Haley and I am addicted to Fenway Target). But for me, that has been the beauty of writing these fashion posts for y'all: I get the satisfaction of feeling trendy and getting to ogle at all the newest products, yet I never actually have to shell out the hundreds of dollars it would take me to buy all of these cozy new sweaters. Meanwhile, you guys get a nosy insight into my obsession with fall and my (hopefully not terrible) sense of style. The way I see it, it's a win-win situation for everybody! 

So, I'm trying out a little experiment to see if y'all like reading these posts as much as I think you do. I'm bringing back the online-shopping, product-showcasing format - this time, with a cozy twist for fall. I hope you all liked the fifteen products I picked out as the warmest, fluffiest, cuddliest fashion, beauty, and lifestyle items on the web! 

Urban Outfitters

 MUK LUKS Pennley Pompom Slipper ($$)

I wish I'd brought a pair of slippers to college - I regret my decision not to bring them maybe more than anything else I decided not to bring. These cozy slippers would not only cushion your feet from the cold, harm dorm floors, but also protect them from the nasty germs of sharing a floor. (Because unfortunately, with sweater season also comes flu season!)

DENY Pink Summer Monogram Pillow ($$)

Who doesn't want to cuddle with their initials all night long? Sounds like the ultimate expression of self-love to me. The muted colors and wreath detail add a warm touch that will have you thinking ahead to the holidays.

Out From Under Cross My Heart Hoodie Sweatshirt ($$)

I mentally squealed when I saw the adorable back detail on this hoodie. In my opinion, the criss-cross effect takes loungewear to a whole new level. Plus, with how popular the athleisure trend has become on college campuses, you'll be ready to roll from yoga class to English class in no time. That is, if you can drag yourself out of bed in the first place...

Boy Smells Candle in Ash ($$)

Not sure if these "Boy Smells" candles are supposed to appeal to men, or to women who enjoy the scent of men, but as a lady who likes to sniff her boyfriend's cologne, I'm sticking with the latter. If you enjoy the scent of firewood, then you'll love this candle. After smelling it for just a moment, you'll soon find yourself nostalgic for autumn bonfires and tailgates before your high school football games.

2017 Cats in Sweaters Wall Calendar ($)

Cats. In sweaters. Do you really need me to tell you what's cozy about that? Nothing would look cuter hanging above your head than a calico cat in a calico sweater.


Sorel Tivoli Pull-On Boots ($$$)

Bean Boots are so overrated - but boots are undoubtedly a necessity of fall life, especially when you go to college in the Northeast. If you can swing the hefty price tag, these boots will help you break away from the crowds of students blindly wearing L.L.'s finest. Plus, in case you couldn't tell from the fuzzy detail, they're warm and cozy as all heck. 

Patchwork Pup Pillow ($$$)

Unless you have a service dog, pets probably aren't allowed in your dorm. This pillow is a cute way to sneak in a reminder of Fido and still get that cuddle time in. I'm especially loving the play-on-words that the cute Brit-chic details - like the tiny crown jewels and the Union Jack quilting - create ('cuz it's an English bulldog, get it?).

Romy V-Neck Pullover ($$)

In my opinion, nothing screams fall and winter more than wearing a too-big shirt with the sleeves pulled over your fingertips like makeshift gloves. This low-swinging shirt from Romy features a cute heart detail that reads "Get in here" on the front and "good hYOUman" on the back. Kill 'em with kindness, dah-lings.

Lourdes Throw ($$$)

If I had to describe this blanket's aesthetic in three words, I'd choose: tassels, tassels, and more tassels. Okay, that's technically four or five words - but you get my idea. I love the idea of cuddling up with this blanket, a mug of hot chocolate, and a book (or, more realistically, the entire 2nd season of Jane the Virgin on Netflix) on a chilly fall evening. Bonus points for not spilling on your brand-new throw.

Home Book ($)

What could be cozier than home? Especially to a first-year college student, who's probably starting to feel a little homesick by now (if you're not like me and haven't been homesick since the first day of class, that is). This book of illustrations explores the concept of home, and is the perfect lookbook to cuddle up with on a crisp day. 


Dormify Ombre Knit Throw ($$)

SO MANY BLANKETS. I just can't stop loving you, fall knits. (Side note, but are you guys playing the Michael Jackson song in your head right now? Yeah, same.) The ombre detail on this throw distinguishes it from other blankets, and will show your friends on movie night that you're both comfortable and fashionable. 

Exfoliating Body Wash in Be Cozy ($)

In college, I miss taking baths maybe more than anything else about my old bathroom at home (that, and not having to share with 10 other girls). Nothing is better than taking a hot bath with a soothing scrub on a cold morning. Aerie's scrub is the coziest of all because it a) has the word "Cozy" in the very name and b) smells like a fresh-baked vanilla cupcake. What more could you ask for?

Hi-Neck Lace Bralette + Mesh ($)

I am all about the new bralette trend, which to me, feels like a sanctified excuse to go braless in public. Probably why I love it so much...or, maybe I love it because you can wear them in so many different ways. Throw a cuddly cardigan over it for lounging at home, pair it with leggings and an athletic zip-up jacket to go to the gym, or use it as a revealing detail under a warm, off-the-shoulder sweater for class. There's nowhere you can't take your bralette.

Off-The-Shoulder Sweater ($$)

Speaking of off-the-shoulder sweaters, I had so much trouble deciding which sweater to select from Aerie's fall collection! They're all about the cowl necks, turtle necks, and fun collars this season. But in the end, I had to go with this off-the-shoulder sweater not just for the polished appearance and subtle color, but also for the way the model wears it. There's something so subtly sexy - not to mention downright cozy - about tossing a cable knit sweater over a breezy dress. I love the idea that a sweater can help carry your wardrobe from summer to fall, and this sweater does just that. 

Harem Pant ($ - on sale!)

I used to be a little iffy on the harem pant trend, namely because of a particularly ugly dance costume from awhile back that was still giving me nightmares about them. But they're slowly starting to grow on me, simply because they just look so damn cozy. The harem pant feels like a socially acceptable way to wear pajamas out and about in your daily life - and I love it. What could be more autumn than that?

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