October 22, 2016

DIY Couples' Costumes Straight From Your Closet!

Arguably, the best part about having a significant other - or best friend! - is the possibility for couples' costumes. Everybody knows that double the cute, clever costumes = double the Halloween fun. And, Halloween being one of my favorite holidays (and, not to mention, just around the corner), I just can't help but ogle at all the cute couples' costumes people have thrown together for years gone by.

Ironically, despite looking into couples' costumes weeks in advance, I am also a huge procrastinator when it comes to actually putting my ideas into action. While Ryan and I have known what we were going to dress as (hint: the answer is one of the ideas below!) for probably a solid month know, I haven't actually moved to DIY anything yet.

Luckily, our costumes won't require a lot of advance prep. Ryan and I decided together that neither of us wanted to spend any money on Halloween costumes this year, so we both agreed that whatever couples' ensemble we chose would come straight from our closets.

I was all for this idea. Not only is saving money hella important for college students everywhere, but the idea of being able to throw together a costume the day before Halloween definitely appealed to my inner lazy girl. And soon, I began to think to myself that I bet a lot of you guys would probably feel the same, and might appreciate hearing some of my ideas!

So, I decided to share with you four ideas for cheap and easy DIY costumes that you can pretty much grab straight from your closet. They don't require any advance prep, really, nor any advanced makeup techniques or expensive accessory purchases. And for those of you who're against the typical slutty Halloween costume, you won't find anything earmarked "sexy" here, either. You'll just have to make them sexy with your charming good looks ;)

On that note, here are four DIY couples' costume ideas for the lazy closet-shopper in all of us. Grab a friend or significant other and study up!

(Bonus: nothing pictured in the Polyvore sets below is over $50, so you won't have to blow your entire paycheck on an impulse buy.)

Look One: Leslie Knope & Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation

Couples' Costume One: Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt

Must-haves for her: Color-coordinated pantsuit, printed blouse, and practical flats. Accessorize with a smart watch and classic pearl earrings - and don't forget your Knope-Wyatt 2016 campaign button! (Me and Ryan are going to DIY these from construction paper, because we're poor AF, but they also sell tons of these on Etsy for cheap.)

Must-haves for him: Checked shirt, printed tie, button-up cardigan, and khaki pants. To be topped off with casual shoes and, of course, a button in support of his Vice Presidential campaign.

Why I love it: This is what Ryan and I decided to dress up as this year! For us, this costume was special because we watched Parks & Rec together and both loved it. However, I also love that this costume is so appropriate for the current election season (and perhaps offers us some better write-in candidates? #KnopeWyatt2016).

Bonus points awarded for: Waffles and whipped cream; a stuffed Little Sebastian; scrapbook supplies; the Cones of Dunshire; uncontrollable excitement over anyone named Anne Perkins.

Look Two: Baby Houseman and Johnny Castle from Dirty Dancing

Couples' Costume Two: Baby and Johnny

Must-haves for her: The pink dress, nude ballroom shoes, and tasteful jewelry. Wrap your wet hair in foam rollers and wear overnight to recreate Baby's crazy curls.

Must-haves for him: Black shirt, black leather pants, and black dress shoes. What more could you need?

Why I love it: Dirty Dancing is one of my all-time favorite romantic movies, the one I turn to on rainy days and sad occasions to cheer me up from my blues. Not to mention, it's a classic - and whoever doesn't get the reference deserves to be put in the corner.

Bonus points awarded for: Singing "Loverboy" on command; soulful dance moves; the lift.

Look Three: Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl

Couples' Costume Three: Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass

Must-haves for her: Designer (or designer knockoff) dress, to be purchased at your local thrift store. Top it off with feminine accessories, stilettos that could kill a man, and plenty of bling. Oh, and no costume would be complete without Blair's iconic headband!

Must-haves for him: Color-coordinated button-down shirt (ironed to a crisp), suspenders, and bow-tie, with clean white pants and matching shoes.

Why I love it: I binge-watched Gossip Girl in high school - way later than everyone else I knew. While many of them might be over the series by now, Chuck and Blair's tumultuous but true love has stuck with me ever since. If there's anything I learned from the show, it's that money may come and go - but OTPs are forever.

Bonus points awarded for: Plotting your best friends' downfall; steamy hookups in the back of a limo; a budding hotel empire; Chuck's scarves.

Look Four: Cher Horowitz and Dionne Davenport from Clueless

Couples' Costume Four: Cher and Dionne

Must-haves for her (Cher): Uniform-inspired separates that match to a painstaking T: bow-tie blouse, printed sweater vest, and button-up skirt with schoolgirl socks and Mary Janes.

Must-haves for her (Dionne): A velvet dress layered over a white collared shirt. Knee-high white tights with boots to match. Finish the look with a black bucket bag and plenty of gold rings. 

Why I love it: Clueless is, of course, another one of those classic movies - but the best part of this costume is that you don't need a man to make it complete! Dress up with your best friend or your female partner for a costume that's anything but whatever (or, hey, I guess you could still enlist an adventurous guy friend if he's into that kind of thing - we don't judge here!).

Bonus points awarded for: Sending yourself flowers; walking and talking on your cell phones (especially when standing next to one another); hooking up your least favorite teachers; falling in love with your stepbrother.

What's the best couples' costume you and your S.O. (or BFF) have worn in the past? Let me know in the comments below!

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