about me

It's a blog about creativity, self love, acceptance, tasty food, beautiful printables, and life after high school. It's my online journal, your big (or little) sister's words of advice, a haven for those struggling with mental illness, a vegetarian cookbook, and a self-help mecca rolled into one. In short, it's a website by me, for you!

Me! My name is Haley Fritz, and I am a Communications student, aspiring writer, blogger, artist, dancer, former Girl Scout, vegetarian, liberal, volunteer, party planner, best friend, sister, and girlfriend. I live in the Boston area attending Boston University, suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, and love to cook, eat, sleep, dance, do yoga and Pilates, shop, write, binge-watch Gilmore Girls, and, oh, have I mentioned eat?

In 2016, I earned my Girl Scout Gold Award by writing an historic preservation handbook for my town government and creating a yearly celebration honoring our town's history. The same year, I also planned a political panel discussion at my high school as part of my Senior Project in political media. I am also a competitive dancer in ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary.

In summary, Love, Haley is like a little peek inside my brain! I blog about mental health, self-care, self-love, vegetarian/vegan recipes, cooking, school, career, time management, productivity, and more. My blog also features the occasional printable, video, link, or even podcast.

I'm passionate about getting the most out of my blogging experience as I can, so I'm always willing to work with other bloggers! I'd love to write you a guest post or make you an affiliate. Please visit my contact me page to reach out to me and discuss pricing - I can't wait to get to know you and your blog!